Mitt Romney, Republican presidential nominee, is actually swinging voters by making a strong statement on health care; he said that in one of the interviews that he would preserve some famous aspects of 2010 health care law, he has assured to retract, saying he would preserve few standard measures, otherwise forming a plan on the new concept would actually become costly and even inefficient.

He also faulted his team for going along with the White House on budget deals, which have been responsible for spending cuts, including automatic huge reduction in defense expenditure.

On the other side, Mr Obama is concentrating on Floridian voters, who are supporting Republican’s Medicare, said that it has been more favorable to Democratic citizens.

Republican campaign ignored the plan that comments were towards a high sky toward the middle now that last partisan has passed, even as Mr Romney was visiting the major states on the voting chart. He said in an interview to NBC that he’s not going to take all health care changes, but he likes to put those things that he feels right that can generate further development. The health care reform will see few of the older facts and new things- it is a combination of older and new techniques. He said his plan would give insurance for people with medical conditions in the form of a modern insurance marketplace.  

His idea has bit of similarities with Obama’s plan, including protection for an individual candidate and health conditions.

One of the GOP nominees said Romney hasn’t offered any specifics for how he would deal with affordability of health insurance; however, he advised that the competition would bring down the prices. For senior citizens, Mitt Romney has offered restricting Medicare through Govn payments that they can choose between private and traditional insurance.

Kevin Madden, spokesman said reforming Obama care is a focus as it costs too much; moreover, its tax and regulations are affecting small business. The 2010 health care law reform isn’t just for profitability and affordability, said Madden.

Obama during his campaign in Florida highlighted the impacts of Republican’s proposals on senior citizens and older workers. He said Romney’s plan can actually pay ten% of more dollars and it was soon rejected by Romney’s campaign, saying the study is conducted by Obama’s ex adviser.  Continuing Obama said senior citizens will have to pay more on health care insurance under Romney’s plan and people should enjoy their golden years, not visiting the insurance companies, he added.


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