Window blinds are originally designed to satisfy the person’s need for privacy. However, today, such coverings are typically used for interior design. Apart from the interior design and privacy aspect, blinds offer much more like reducing the heat from sunlight and serving as a room divider.

Knowing what kind of blinds to buy for your windows may not be easy; there are several different choices and the trendy styles that are always changing as in the case of several interior design parts. Listed below are some varieties of blinds that are available in the market.

The slat or Persian slats are the most common kind of blinds, which comprise of several horizontal vinyl or metal slats that are bonded with a string. The connection is made in such a way that rotation of slats up till 170 degrees could be made to let light to pass through or block it.

The horizontal kind of window blinds feature a ‘ladder’ system to suspend the slats and enable them to be closed via a rotating drum wherein the upper corners of the woven ladder is enclosed and attached to. It usually has a lift cord to pull up the blind and stack it firmly on top.

Venetian blinds are offered either as traditional or pleated blinds. They have a contemporary and stylish appearance, easy and quick to install, need no holes to be made into doors or windows and helps to control the sunlight entering the room. Furthermore, it improves the privacy, insulation, and can be easily detached for cleaning.

Vertical blinds possess a similarity to the Venetian blinds in that they provide a function for controlling light. Light provision can be varied as required with a specific degree of privacy. The slats are of thick plastic, metal hanging or stiffened fabric by one end. They can also be folded up or rotated to either one or both the sides. Vertical blinds are perfect for large windows and sliding doors. However, in contrast to the horizontal blinds, they don’t get damaged easily by the strong winds and are more durable. Few businesses and homes hang stationary vertical blinds in the doorways. Such blinds slow down the leakage of cold temperature in cold rooms, while they stop insects and flies from entering the room in warmer climates.

Another innovative blinds solution for bigger windows or patio doors is panel blinds. They are available in a range of designs and colors and feature wide panels that effectively reflect and sieve light. Such panels pile in order at the back of each other when opened, thus letting in utmost light into the room. As the panels are slithered into closed position, a textile screen is created to offer privacy or light control.

Cellular shades or honeycomb blinds are titled after the honeycomb shape created after the individual cells are fastened together. These are energy-efficient blinds as the cells create air pockets. They are offered both in room darkening and light filtering fabrics.

Nowadays, Roman blinds are also popular, owing to their modern and clean outlines. They have bolder and larger pleats, which when lifted lie at the back of each other in a highly distinct and stylish look.

With such many varieties of window blinds available, anyone is sure to get confused with which of these to choose.


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