Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS -1.91%) advanced the popular affiliation ranks ever since the firm went public in the year 1999, an indication of the extensive belt-stiffening underway at the security firms and banks.

The New York based firm told that totally seventy executives will turn out to be affiliates on January 1. Finally, Goldman proclaimed a new reap of partners in the year 2010, when the company promoted 110 officials.

Lloyd C. Blankfein, the Chief Executive and Chairman of Goldman along with Gary D. Cohn, the President called the new partners on Wednesday morning and later proclaimed their names in a note to the staff.

The recent additions raise the number of Goldman affiliates to over 470. However, the total is anticipated to drop to around 450 by next year, mirroring the probable departure of few executives who became an affiliate before now, told the people who were involved in making the decisions.

The executives at Goldman have been forcing few affiliates to leave so as to make space for the recent crop.

The partners of Goldman are anticipated to move on approximately 5-8 years after getting the status of partnership, but the income slowed due to the financial crisis and vagueness about the future growth of the company.

A minimum of 92 executives of Goldman listed as an affiliate in security filing by the company previous year had gone as of early this month, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis, the highest figure in 8 years.

Over half of the fresh partners work in the United States. Around 1/3rd are based the Middle East, Africa or Europe, while 13 percent are based in Asia. 10 out of the 70 fresh partners are women, which is the highest percentage after 2006.

The inbound affiliates include a research analyst, named Heather Bellini, who covers the tech firms like Apple Inc. (AAPL -1.11%) and Facebook Inc. (FB +12.59%) and Russell W. Horowitz, who is the chief of staff to Blankfein. Sheara Fredman is yet another new partner, who is the controller for monitoring trading desk positions in Goldman.

Another Goldman partner, David Schwimmer is an investment banker, who is engaged in the advisory work of Goldman on the 2005 New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) acquirement of Archipelago Holdings Inc. Few critics told that the dual role of Goldman gave rise to a conflict of interest.


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