One of the most exhausting, yet necessary tasks in keeping your home span longer is cleaning blinds. Keeping them clean is easy, if you follow a routine maintenance schedule. They represent your home both in and out, and your location ultimately represents you. Vertical blinds are one of the widely popular window covering options. Unlike horizontal ones, they have the look of draperies and can be added to control temperature and even light within a room. Vertical window blinds are good for large rooms and go well for French doors and sliding patio doors since they can be pulled to one side. These hang on hooks and can be threaded through a chain or trailer at the bottom.

Different types of vertical window blinds are available in a wide range of materials, such as wood, aluminium, vinyl, and fabric, and are easy to maintain. Follow these tips for cleaning vertical blinds.

Routine maintenance is crucial; if the blinds become heavily dusted, the cleaning method will be time-consuming and more difficult. If you’ve installed new blinds, start a regular maintenance process to keep the blinds in healthy condition. Though these do not show much dust compared with horizontal ones, they should be cleaned regularly using feather duster. You can as well use vacuum cleaners as nowadays attachment for vacuumed ones are available easily, especially for blinds; the vacuum hose fitted between vanes clean the entire length of blinds. This attachment helps to keep them dust-free.

If regular cleaning is not performed or a house is brought with soiled blinds already existing, heavy tidiness is required. Though it is possible to clean them while they’re still in place, it is a time consuming and messy method, as you’ve to protect the floor underneath the blinds and window behind them. Detaching the vanes will allow you to perform a fair task though you need some patience while removing them and then installing back. While taking off, you’ve to separate each vane from its hook and then detach each from the chain.

Considerations before Cleaning 

Vertical blinds should be given much importance when cleaning, especially the ones made from fabric material. Soaking vanes will make them to lose their fire retardant, sizing, and repellent additives. Do not use hot water for cleaning fabric blinds and also do not put them in a dryer as wiring may come out. Using a towel, remove excess moisture and then allow them to dry completely. If you’re worried about water spots, a fan or blow dryer could also be used to speed up the process.

Dusting vertical blind often can keep them cleaner; use enzyme spray or duster on slats to loosen dust. Start from the top to the bottom and consider each slat while removing dust. If the blinds are too dirty, it is recommended to give them a vacuum and follow the cleaning with a good washing as guided above. When dusting, you can clean them while they’re still hanging, like vinyl, wood, and aluminium materials.  Use the brush attachment on your vacuum to get rid of debris and dust. Since brush uses less force, it won’t damage the blinds. Again, start from the top as slays may come unhooked, if you begin in an upward direction. Use only professional or manufacturer’ recommended cleaning tools and materials.


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