This article gives information of the best cheap hotels Gold Coast has, which is why it is also known as surfer’s paradise.

The Towers of Chevron Renaissance

The towers of chevron renaissance provide comfortable stays to its customers without requiring them to shred off big bucks.

It is one of most known and brilliantly designed hotel in gold coast. The facilities that this hotel provides to the customers are not provided by any other hotel in this cadre. From personal spa to tennis court to big swimming pools can be found in this marvelous hotel.

This hotel is situated in the most happening part of the city, which leads you directly to the seductive and glimmering nightlife of the gold coast. The rooms have all the amenities that you can think of, and room service is highly impressive. This place can change the face of any vacation in a positive manner. Every service provided by this hotel is worth every penny.

Panorama Tower

The serene beaches, enticing landscapes and alluring weather conditions and countless tourist attractions pours the tourists from all over the world and their stay at this 3 star hotel, which has the best services and facilities that will not cause pandemonium in the bank balance of its customers.

The Panorama tower staff’s warmth and hospitality will impress you and the location around which this whole property is situated can get you to the heights of elegance and make your trip joyous and a memorable one. This hotel is in close proximity to the Airport of gold coast. This hotel is also bliss for the business travelers, who can come here and enjoy their stays along with their work



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