When Instagram was introduced, no one thought it could experience such an exponential growth within such a short span of time. Human love socializing and technologies are bound to enhance the hyper-activated obsession and healthy interests. With hundreds of things happening across the world every single minute, it is very easy to share them on social networks. As a part of online marketing, here are some things to consider for getting started with your business.

A Little Trick

Facebook has millions of users and if you connect with Instagram, usually 10% of friends will start following you on Instagram. The video-sharing, picture-sharing social media service has become one of the widely used social networks within a short period of time.

Instagram videos have become the new rage in terms of sharing clips with friends. This practical application is useful for business owners as well. The content can be associated with the brand or can represent a company to influence and inspire potential customers. Here are some tips to start using Instagarm for marketing purpose.

Hash Tagging

It’s imperative to keep the concentration on engaging the users; you need to get more followers and one way to do is to buy instagram followers cheap. Make sure you know when to sell your product or business. Your main intention could be expanding the business, but focus always needs to be on keeping the following members engaged and interested.

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You can create useful videos that represent your business and encourage users to ask questions to build a strong rapport with them. You can capitalize on hash-tags to drive more traffic.  Make use of those hash-tags, which are highly searchable and relevant. In this way, you can gain a new client. Hash-tag is the best way to find other users, who’re talking about startup, specific brand, etc. Build a unique way to engage the users. You can also create hash-tag of your own brand, while sharing pictures of your services and products.

Involve the Whole Company

The staff members are an important part for business in social media. You can ask your employees to create a legitimate Instagram profile and encourage them to be a part of the conversation. Employees should follow your brand, share pictures and post comments. Employee involvement can offer users a closer look at your brand and company culture.

Know When to Share

Now, Instagram allows you to post 15-sec long videos; boost more number of active followers sharing content, pictures, and videos that drives more interaction. You can also conduct cool contests and customer QA that can empower your business. Select the best times for sharing and posting. Try posting on Monday and see the amount of likes and comments you receive, followed by other days. Usually, 40 percent of likes and comments generate within first few hours.

Following Others in Your Niche

It’s always a good idea to follow people, who are in your niche or space, but not explicitly; half of them will follow you back. Become a regular user, and get involved by dropping regular comments on your posting as well as others’ pictures.

In this way, startups can increase average user engagement and business.


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